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Advanced Custom Fields for Prestashop - Inno-mods 1.0

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Advanced Custom Fields is a premium, multi-shop and multi-language Prestashop plugin that helps you to power up your shop with unlimited Custom Fields! Add unlimited Custom Fields to your Products, your Categories & your Customers!

Advanced Custom Fields allows you to choose between 9 available field types for each custom field, so you can choose the type you prefer! Check the list:

  • text
  • textarea
  • WYSIWYG editor (text – html – images – videos)
  • switch
  • checkbox
  • checklist
  • select
  • radio
  • date

Notice: For customer fields editable by your customers, you can choose between text, checkbox, select, radio, date.

What’s next? Well, each location (Products – Categories – Customers), has slight differences, so lets check them one by one.

For each product field, you can choose:

  • if it is displayed in the shop’s front end in the product page or if it is admin only
  • the exact position of the field in the shop’s front end (insert the field in your template with a shortcode)
  • the exact location of the field in the admin area of your shop (you can select between all 8 native Prestashop hooks)
Category fields:

  • can also be admin only or displayable in the front end category page
  • are smoothly integrated into native Prestashop admin page
  • can be inserted wherever you want into your template with a shortcode
Customer fields:

  • can be admin only, publicly displayed but can also be editable by your customers in the front end
  • are smoothly integrated into the native Prestashop admin page
  • editable fields are smoothly integrated into the ‘personal information’ page in your customers accounts
  • editable fields are smoothly integrated into the registration page of your shop
Let’s not forget that you can set default values for your custom fields (not applicable to all field types) and you can select if a customer or
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