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Amazzing Filter Module V3.1.5

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A powerful filtering mechanism that can instantly process thousands of products without timeout errors. Checked in stores with more than 20,000 products.

Amazzing filter was developed for instant processing of thousands of products.

The initial setup is very simple.
After installing the module, you will have a common filter template for all existing categories. You can easily edit this template by dragging the available filter criteria in the desired order.
If you want to display some specific filters for selected categories, you can create a new template only for these categories.

In addition to the category pages, the filter block is also available for the following pages: new products, special offers, bestsellers, search results, products by manufacturer, products by supplier and main page.
All these pages have customizable templates that are activated automatically when the module is installed. If you do not want to display filters on some of these pages, you can simply deactivate the corresponding templates.

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  1. Version 3.1.5(04/02/2021)

    [+] New configuration options for out-of-stock products [+] Italian translation Improved RTL...