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[Andrew] Polls Started Visibility 1.0.3

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[Andrew] Polls Started Visibility adds an additional page to the users account page that shows what polls the user has started and a link to the thread. Users can access this page by going to their accounts or click their name in the top menu. It is worth noting that users will be able to see any poll they started that is in a visible state. This means that users will be able to see polls they started on forums that they no longer have access to, but the user will be given a standard Xenforo permission message if they were to attempt to follow the link.

  • "Polls started" link added to the account page
  • "Polls started link added to account drop-down menu
  • Polls list that shows "Question", "Votes", and "Poll closes" date
  • Polls list shows poll title instead of the thread title
  • View polls started
  • Polls per page
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