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Auto Prefix by Last Post 1.4

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Auto change thread prefix based on last post user.

This add-on is ideal for a support ticket forum. The thread prefix is automatically changed depending on the last post user. For example if a member starts a support ticket the prefix will be automatically set to "Awaiting staff reply" and when the staff replies it will automatically be set to "Awaiting member reply" and so on.

To show the thread as resolved, please use the Resolved v1.2 add-on.

(Example of thread)
Options page:
  1. Select the appropriate 'Include forums'.
  2. Update prefix IDs.
User group permissions:

Select Yes for the user group which will answer members questions.

Questions and Answers:

Q: When I use the quick reply, the prefix does not update.
A: The prefix is updated but will not show until the page is reloaded.

Q: How do I determine the prefix ID?
A: In the Thread prefixes page, hover your cursor over the thread prefix, the number near the end of the URL is the thread prefix ID.
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