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Autotranslator 3.0.2

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Automatic translation of products, categories, attributes, functions, manufacturers, suppliers, CMS pages.

This module allows you to translate different resources of your store into several languages using one of the following translation systems: Google Cloud Translate, DeepL Translator, Yandex.Translator , Watson (IBM) Translator or Microsoft Translator.

You can easily select the resources to translate and translate them one by one, or select multiple items and translate them with one click. If you have chosen to translate products, you can filter by category / manufacturer to find the items you need and translate them quickly.

All translations are saved in their original form, as if you entered data manually and clicked the "Save" button.

Once the automatic translations are saved, you can easily edit them in the usual way as you edit any other multilingual field of products, categories, attributes, etc.

With this module you can translate the following resources:
Attribute Groups and Attributes
Functions and
CMS feature page values CMS
SEO and URLs (Store Options> Traffic & SEO)
Awesome Blog Categories and Articles (if add-on is installed)
Simple Blog Categories and Articles (if add-on is installed)
Content of the home text editor module (if the module is installed)

NOTE: the current version of the module does not support automatic translation of translatable texts in themes and modules.
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