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[CSCN] Moving Staff Tools to Nav Group 1.0.0

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.2.x

Finally, I decided to make this feature (previously exclusive in CSCN-Anniversary theme) into a standalone addon. This plugin turns the XF original staff bar into three parts:

1. The enhanced Alert menu: For Moderators, if there are incoming new reports or approval queue items, the bell icon will be turned into a badged alarm-clock icon indicating moderators & administrators their existence.

2. In the top-right side of Alert menu, the entry links (as badged icons) of reports & approval queue always shown up. // Its CSS style has been specifically tweaked in this style to make sure it always look good in most 3rd-party styles.

3. The wrench-screwdriver icon (to the left of user menu icon) functions as an admin-only button to AdminCP. However, if you installed any add-ons with entries added to the staffbar moderators menu, then this wrench-screwdriver icon will be also available to moderators and will show a dropdown menu containing those new entries introduced by those add-ons.

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