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Dutch translation for XenForo 2.1 + add-ons 2.1.10 2.2 + add-ons 2.2.6

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Latest version of the dutch translation for XenForo 2.1

This version is based on previous translations, mainly the 1.5 translation (with permission of the author).
Since then, I have added, reviewed and streamlined hundreds of phrases based on feedback from my own forum.
My goal is to make a solid translation and keep it up to date.

You can expect regular updates of this translation!

Managing languages (recommended)

If you want to use this language, but also want to keep your own customized phrases, I highly recommend to use the follow steps. It is basically the same approach as the template system:


This way you can frequently update the language pack 'Nederlands - origineel' while keeping your own customizations in your own language pack called 'Nederlands'. To prevent your users from selecting 'Nederlands - origineel' you will need to install a small add-on.


  1. Install this add-on to hide certain language packs from your users: [XenDACH] LimitLanguageUsage
  2. Import the dutch language pack as a new language called 'Nederlands - origineel'
  3. Create a new language pack called 'Nederlands' and make sure to use the exact same settings as 'Nederlands - origineel'
  4. Make 'Nederlands' child of 'Nederlands - origineel'
  5. Now, you can disable 'Nederlands - origineel' (that's why you installed the add-on). This prevents users from selecting this language. They will only see your customized version called 'Nederlands'
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