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Firebear Improved Import & Export 3.5.1

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Compatible M2 Versions
  1. 2.3.x
  2. 2.4.x
An extension for Magento 2 that introduces enhanced import functionality. The extension is installed and managed via Magento 2 admin panel, meaning that you can configure it from any place at any time, and you are not dependent on running applications.

Increase efficiency
Edit import tables in collaboration with your colleagues via Google Sheets, FTP or Dropbox
Import anything
The extension covers ALL possible entities: products, categories, orders, attributes, etc.
Reduce management time
Automation of import and export proceses along with the attribute and price mapping
The extension allows scheduling import and export procedures to run automatically according to specified scenarios. Improved Import and Export allows importing XML and CSV tables, supports numerous import sources including Google Sheets and other. The full list of features can be found below.
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