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[GT] FAQ V1.0.2

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Compatible XF Versions
  1. 2.1.x
  2. 2.2.x
Provides a Frequently Asked Questions system for admins to add their own questions and answers. This comes in handy if the same questions are being asked all the time and it's time to give them a central location to find answers to these questions. Users also have the ability to select a default category that will be shown when they load the FAQ page.

Features Include
  • Add categories
  • Add Questions/Answer
  • Ability to activate/deactivate categories and questions/answer from the admin area
  • Rename the system via option
  • Add/Remove category for latest questions via option
  • Users can set default category to view the latest questions/answer on FAQ main page
  • Can expand latest questions to view answers from the main page
  • Utilizes javascript to expand and collapse questions
Planned Features
  • Drag and drop reordering of categories and questions/answer
  • Choose a forum to pull questions from
  • Select top answer in the question thread
  • Add a profile page to show questions thread and the top answer
  • plus more we haven't thought of yet so give us those ideas to improve it more.
Known Bugs
  • Sort feature currently does not work, button exists though
  1. Upload the content of the upload folder to your XenForo root directory.
  2. Admin CP -> Add-Ons and install the [GT] FAQ.
  3. Configure your addon in the XF options or click Add-Ons -> FAQ -> Options
  1. Admin CP -> Add-Ons and uninstall the [GT] FAQ.
  2. Delete the following folders inside your XenForo root directory:
    • src/addons/GoblinTimes/FAQ/
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