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JA Marketplace V7.1.0

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Create your own marketplace allowing your customers to register as sellers to sell their products in exchange for a commission.

Builds a marketplace with PrestaShop from multiple vendors. All sellers in one market.
Allows customers to easily register as merchants.
It combines several stores into one economic platform and a single retail space. All members can benefit from the sales of other vendors in order to gain greater visibility by increasing customers and sales.
Combines the power of different sellers in your market to have more exposure and more sales.
Expands your catalog with products from other sellers.
Improves user experience.
Extends the functionality of your store.
Selected Best Spain Module at the 2015 Addons PrestaShop Awards.
Easy one-click installation.
Very complete and intuitive setup. You can easily turn merchant features on and off without editing any code.
Managed quickly and easily by sellers.
Manages the seller of goods easily and quickly.
Manages the commission percentages for each seller.
Manages the history of commissions and payments.
Manages the status of commissions.
Checks the status of orders received by sellers.
Communication system between buyer, seller and market. Checks messages between buyers and sellers.
Manages seller ratings and comments by criteria.
Quickly edits the content of emails sent by this module.
Manages withdrawal requests from merchants.
Dash Board of income, expenses and benefits from market operations.
Very powerful because of its technical versatility and scalability thanks to its hooks or positions that allow certain features for merchants to be enabled.
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