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M2 Address Autocomplete V1.4.0

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Compatible M2 Versions
  1. 2.3.x
  2. 2.4.x
In finding a solution to improve the customer experience, the address autocomplete feature is the right direction. This option will help your visitors to choose the correct address in autocomplete suggestions list.

How to integrate the address autocomplete feature into your store? Once you installed our Magento 2 Google Address Autocomplete module, the address auto-fill functionality will be implemented on your website. The extension is based on Google maps autocomplete API.

The feature is especially important during a checkout process in your store. It makes the process of completing address fields much faster, that definitely speeds up a checkout. Magento 2 Google Address Autocomplete extension is a part of Magento FireCheckout extension. The module perfectly works with default Magento 2 checkout.

Basically, the module allows you to:

  • help customers typing the address
  • reduce the time of filling out checkout fields
  • make sure in a user data
  • avoid the delivery issues related to wrong user address
  • increase a consumer loyalty.

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