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MAgento 2 SolideWebServices PRODUCT IMAGE ENHANCEMENTS V2.3.4

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Compatible M2 Versions
  1. 2.1.x
  2. 2.2.x
  3. 2.3.x
  4. 2.4.x
Add highly configurable product image zoom functionality based on the Elevate Zoom® script with different kind of zoom effects, a lightbox gallery based on the prettyPhoto® script and a thumbnails carousel based on the slick carousel®. Everything easily configured through the backend of Magento 2.x. Check out the demo for yourself.

Support and warranty​

Solide Webservices does not offer refunds as I usually help my clients with the installation and provide suggestions for modifications in case any are needed. If for some reason the extension will not work on your installation even with my support you will receive a full refund. Support questions are usually answered within 2 working days.

Latest version - 2020-09-17​

  • Support for Magento 2.4.x
  • Fixed an issue with watermarks on images
  • Fixed an issue with playing videos
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