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Master Style Alert - Highlight when you're editing a master template 1.0.2

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  1. 2.2.x

Do you frequently find yourself leaving development mode on and then accidentally end up editing master style templates in the templates section?

Frequently I find that I'm too much of an idiot to realise I'm editing master templates by mistake. Or I may be working on master templates for an add on and theme templates for other stuff, Before you know it, you've forgotten you're in master and saved a change and you've got nothing to revert to.

Now you too can be slightly less of an idiot and hopefully make fewer mistakes with Master Style Alert.

This small addon will make the style selector bright red when the Master Style is selected, warning you that you're currently editing the master style.

How do I use it?
Install the add on and it should activate. There are no settings.

Development mode must be enabled, which will allow selection of Master Style templates. When viewing these Master Style templates, the selector should turn red.
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