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Presta Speed 5.0.0

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PrestaSpeed optimizes your Prestashop database, images, some modules and configuration to increase front-office and back-office access speed, as well as free disk space. The module allows you to erase all statistics that are useless for store management, and overloads the database (for example, user connections, abandoned cars, old customer messages, logs, search queries, old orders, etc.). We recommend using Google Analytics for advanced statistics and avoiding database overload (with normal traffic, the database tends to grow in size and reach gigabytes).

The module also optimizes all tables in the database and eliminates expired discounts or abandoned cars to reduce the size of the database and increase its performance. And now it also solves erroneous queries in tables and removes garbage from the database. In the PrestaShop dashboard, you can see database statistics and know when you should use the module. And you can also delete valid orders by date and abandoned cars from users who, as a rule, do not work after a few years. For department stores, this will help eliminate old orders by date and save space in the database.

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