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[TH] Reactions Plus V1.2.0

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  1. 2.2.x
Reactions Plus
If you want to get more out of reactions on your forum, than Reactions Plus is for you. Expand the type of reactions on your forum, choose who can use reactions, what nodes they can be used in, and set up auto moderation based on a set reaction score threshold so users can help moderate the forum. Reactions Plus provides more ways to use reactions.

Reactions Plus is free for those who have previously purchased Reactions.

Administrator Features
  • Add text, CSS class, HTML, Font Awesome icons, or smilie/emojis as reactions
  • Set which nodes the reaction can be used in
  • Utilize user criteria to choose who can use the reaction
  • Change how alerts are written by adding the verb for the reaction
  • Add auto moderation to report, hide, or delete posts that reach a reaction score threshold
  • Set the reaction score threshold
  • Choose the forums where the auto moderation should be used
  • Choose the order for the moderation to be executed
  • Select the user that the auto moderation will be performed as
  • Add a widget displaying top reacted posts
  • Add a widget showing the reactions a user has given when viewing their profile page
  • Import tool for importing from [TH] Reactions for XenForo 2.0, Post Ratings for XenForo 1, and Emoji
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  1. Version 1.2.0 released!

    Changes: Improved compatibility with XenForo 2.2