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Live Sales Popup 2.4.4

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Increase your sales by 40% with the simplest and most proven marketing tool to attract customers and motivation. In real time, the last orders placed in your store for your visitors pop up.

Live Sales Popup will display the latest orders placed in your store for your visitors. It will also be displayed when the product is added to the basket (optional). Order / basket information, such as Product Name, Image Thumbnail, Customer Name, Customer City, Purchase Time and the number of products in one order, can be displayed in a real-time notification with sound (optional). When you have new orders, they will be displayed in real time without refreshing the page. You can enable the sound option, and this will attract even more attention of visitors to your site.

This creative marketing tool will increase the engagement of visitors to your site and significantly increase your sales through “influential marketing”. Reports show an increase in sales of at least 30% - 40% for 1 week of activation of this feature in stores. If you have a new store, Live Sales Popup will help increase the level of trust on your site, or if you have an established store, it will significantly increase your conversions. Live Sales Popup is a lightweight plugin that works with all PrestaShop themes.
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