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Magento2.x bsscommerce Customers Also Bought/ Also Viewed V1.0.7

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Thanks to real database recommendation system, Amazon has gained 29% sales increase to $12.83 billion during its second fiscal quarter of 2012, nothing but to learn how suasive an accurate recommendation system would directly connect to the way your sales soar.
Through recommendation algorithm fetching from real purchase database and browsing history, Customers Also Bought/ Also Viewed will push your sales up high and bring you the same success as Amazon did. Your customers will have the most relevant suggestions which hit their demands strongly and motivate them to spend unstoppably on related, up-sell, and cross-sells.

  • Suggestions are smartly generated fetching record from real view browsing and purchase actions that customers had already made on your site.
  • Suggestions appear when customers view product page and when they review the cart page.
  • Customers can sort suggesting products by conditions.
  • Able to set a number of suggested products, and manner of display
  • Remove/ Enable other shortcut action on suggested catalogs (add to wishlist, add to compare, add to cart, etc.)
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