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WHMCS Nulled & Callbacks Removed 8.2.1 Fix link

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CORE-14484 - Ensure single domain renewals can proceed
CORE-14543 - Apply dynamic currency factor to ResellerClub API results in TLD Sync
CORE-14548 - Ensure clients are correctly observed as active during ClientStatusSync
CORE-14550 - Ensure metric usage definitions are removed upon Product deletion
CORE-14558 - Improve logic for early callback with WorldPay FuturePay
CORE-14561 - Ensure appropriate options are pre-selected when editing Email Marketer rule
CORE-14563 - Correct path prefix for S3-backed KB image storage
CORE-14565 - Prevent repeated emails sent by a single Email Marketer Rule
CORE-14567 - Ensure asset type "email_images" can be migrated
CORE-14569 - Correct free to paid upgrade cycle validation
CORE-14572 - Correct input validation for My Account > Disable Two Factor
CORE-14578 - Prevent display of option to upgrade to a product without a billing cycle
CORE-14583 - Ensure optimized OpenSSL library is used with GMP is not present
CORE-14596 - Correct View & Pay Invoice permission for sub-accounts
CORE-14600 - Improve days until due calculation when upgrading from free to paid product with a promotion code
CORE-14608 - Correct Storage IDs for kb_images and email_images
CORE-14616 - Correct 2FA redirect for full-friendly URL paths
CORE-14617 - Prevent erroneous block of 2Checkout activation

MODULE-6942 - Observe and handle buyer_complaint reversal IPN for PayPal Basic
MODULE-7066 - Update available_clouds call from POST to GET in
MODULE-7356 - Ensure License Addon renders cancellation link as configured
MODULE-7380 - Correct input for configuration validation of ResellerClub SSL
MODULE-7406 - Improve handling of non-decimal currencies in PayPal Checkout
MODULE-7407 - Correct float normalization for PayPal Checkout

CORE-13660 - Clarify AddOrder API in regards to automation of product/service setup

this have decoded license.php file for everybody ~~enjoy it !
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